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Our Philosophy


Welcome to Old Man Creek Cattle Stud

Old Man Creek is a family run seed stock business focused on a truly profitable grass fed cattle enterprise.

The Gooden family has five generations of land stewardship.

General Information

Altitude :150 -160 m

Rainfall: Long Term Average 450 mm - 1990 to 2020 - 430 mm

Size 380 Ha owned - 260 Ha Leased

Location : 35 Kms East of Narrandera, 75 Kms West of Wagga Wagga in the Riverina, NSW , Australia

Soil Types : Heavy Alluvial clays on flood plain, rising to red loan. 25 - 30 % tree cover

History The Old Man Creek Angus Cattle Stud was founded in September 2016 with the purchase of 24 Merrilla Cows and Calves. It expanded over the next 18 months with the purchase of Coolana PTIC cows, Rennylea M heifers and Landfall PTIC cows. Michael had had a passion for breeding cattle for a long time, fuelled by his mid-Year at Marcus Oldham College where he had the honour of working for the late Simon Gubbins at Murroa Angus near Hamilton in the Western District. Murroa Angus had over 600 performance recorded cows in the herd and everything was managed to maximize profit. In 2014 as part of BEEF Terry McKosker (founder RCS) and Graham Rees (KLR Marketing) brought Kit Pharo to a presentation in Albury, and everything that he spoke about, regarding his philosophy of breeding efficient cows, really resonated with us. In January 2017, Michael attended two Pharo Cattle Company bull workdays in the USA, one in Missouri and the other at Pharo Cattle Company Head Quarters in Colorado. It was a great opportunity to see first-hand how Pharo Cattle Company worked and what they looked for in selecting good bulls and cows. Since then we have joined PCA (Pharo Cattle Australia) – initially as a Co-Op producer with Pharo Catttle Company, but now as the Australoin Co-Op. In saying this, if you don’t subscribe to Kits weekly newsletter already, I strongly advise you to. It will give you a better understanding of our breeding objectives. We have a working relationship with Pharo Cattle Company, and have purchased all of our PCC semen through them.


Old Man Creek is a Angus cattle Stud located at Sandigo, in the Riverina, NSW, Australia. The Stud was created in 2016 from the purchase of 120 Stud Angus cattle from various cattle studs. It is owned and operated by Michael and Heloise Gooden.

Our aim is to breed animals that have been raised on grass in a cell grazing operation all their lives. We run a regenerative grazing business, based on Holistic Management principles. If you have similar land management goals, and breeding objectives then you should consider our animals.

Our aim is to breed the most profitable grass fed genetics for our clients. We don't believe animals should spend time in confinement. We also have the capacity to provided our clients to supply grass fed product into established grass fed markets. 

In 2021we approached to become a Pharo Cattle Company PCC Co Op producer and then in 2022, were merged with  Pharo Cattle Australia (PCA).

We decided to leave the PCA at the end of 2023, as this was in the best interest for our business and our clients moving forward.


We look forward to exciting times ahead. 

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